Our Pollinator Commitment

Pollinator on Native Plant

Swamp milkweed and Swallowtail

Pollinator Commitment

We are truly committed to the ecological functions of our native environments. We take great effort in protecting the integrity and balance of the world around us. Native Pollinators play and import part in the complex web of life in our natural world, as well as a vital role in our local food supply. As a grower and installer of Minnesota native plants we always use the best available practices to secure we are producing a product that is free of harmful chemicals and healthy. We strive to incorporate safe pollinator specific approaches in all of our Designs, Installations and Maintenance practices, from insuring a proper mix of blooming plants in our plans to timing of our spring maintenance work. We encourage everyone to take a brief moment to stop and consider what small steps can be done in our own yards to help preserve and improve of native pollinator populations.

Please visit these following sites for more information on pollinators:
Our Pollinator Friendly Practices
Thanks NST retail staff, you are always so helpful and willing to work with me on my native prairie project.

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