Restoration Maintenance

Maintenance Options

We offer three maintenance levels to better address your specific project objectives

Standard(Natural wild appearance)

shoreline maintenance

We will use the most appropriate, up-to-date techniques such as targeted herbicide applications, hand pulling, mowing, and spot weed whipping to effectively control a multitude of invasive weed species.

• General site management.
• Annual site survey.
• Invasive weed control.
• 3 Site visits during growing season.

Select(Natural but manicured appearance)

shoreline maintenance

This is an upgrade from our standard plan. Included is spring cleaning, additional site monitoring and any repair or supplemental planting. This plan will result in a more manicured native planting.

• Directed site management.
• Bi-Annual site surveys.
• Spring clean-up.
• Invasive weed control.
• 4 Site visits during growing season.

Elite(Manicured more perennial garden appearance)

shoreline maintenance

This is our highest level of maintenance. Elite clients are ones that prefer a well manicured, perennial garden look. In addition to controlling invasive weeds,we may selectively remove native plants to preserve the original design, and punctuate order and neatness. This approach is perfect for more formal landscapes.

• Intensive site management.
• 3 Site surveys with personal consultation.
• Invasive weed control.
• Selective native plant management.
• 5 Site visits during growing season.

They were prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and polite. Very professional, I felt confident they were doing everything necessary in our rain garden.
K Martin